Dd is for Daisy


I have this amazing and super creative co-teacher in kindergarten.  She get’s all the credit for this idea.  I saw it hanging outside her door and had to copy.  

Cutting and pasting requires a lot of front loading in kindergarten, especially this early in the school year.  I demonstrated on the document camera how to cut 10 petals, glue and paste them on the black square.  We discussed how each one would turn out different and that is what would make them all beautiful.  

I warned them that I wouldn’t help them cut it, they had to do it themselves.  

They did a really good job! 

Hey Diddle Diddle!

hey diddle diddle title

Working on new units for nursery rhymes!

hey diddle diddle previewHere are a few sample pages from the unit! 

It will last about 1 to 2 weeks, but incorporates science, literacy, graphing, and writing activities for your kids.  

Click on the images to see more!


Chicka, Chicka

chickaOur Chicka trees are made and hung!  


We also made our first class book.IMG_1825We’ve been working on writing our names with a capital at the beginning and lowercase letters.

IMG_1826 We are still learning, but getting better already!IMG_1829These pages can be found in theChicka, Chicka Mini Unit below:

Click on the image to see more!


Happy Learning!


We’re #1!


My school has been identified as one of the top 5 schools for the valley of the sun!  We are the #1 elementary!

We just found out the great news!  Go Cherokee!

Click on this link from our local paper:


First Graph!


The first 2 days of school have been a whirlwind of activity!

The kids have been so great!  I love the beginning of school.  I’m exhausted, but so happy.

Making sure we get our kids home safely each day is always such a worry at first.

Things  that had to be prepared to make sure this happened:

1. edit welcome letters and personal information forms

2. mail forms to parents before the first day

3. collect information, create name tags for each class with dismissal information, and pin tags to students on the first day

Wow, I am surprised actually that it only came to 3 things on the list… it was a good week of preparation!

transportation graph

We also have a crazy half day schedule these first 3 days of school, with 1/3 of our class staying for diagnostic testing and the rest going home at 1:00.

Organizing that schedule, notifying parents, labeling kids with proper dismissal information, preparing testing materials… Wasn’t sure it was humanly possible to get it all done.  Fortunately,  I work with a wonderful team of teachers.  We all took a deep breath, rolled up our sleeves, and made it happen!

Now we have Back-2-School night on Monday!  Yikes!

Getting Ready

IMG_1746 Finished the first bulletin board in the room!  The colorful cubby  bins came from the dollar section at Target.  They fit just right.  I am always on the lookout for more, but they come and go and I haven’t seen them for awhile. Still have a ton of stuff all over the tables.  I really know how to make a mess.

IMG_1748Our clip up chart for when students show B.E.S.T. behavior:

Be Safe, Exhibit Excellence, Show Respect, and Take Responsibility

IMG_1750Making progress, but it is still a really big mess.

IMG_1751I love these magnetic white boards!  At first, I didn’t know how best to utilize them (I have 3 and they take up a lot of wall space).  But I’ve since learned all about magnetic tape.  A few of the items on this board are from large posters that I cut up.  The students use these words as a reference during math, writing, and reading.

IMG_1752This white board is for our word wall.  I also use the magnetic number line during estimation (more on that in another post).  The shelf was on sell at Target for $28.00.  I bought 2!  I was fortunate to win an award at school that came with some money for the classroom.  I still have more to spend, but am nervous.  I want to make sure I spend wisely.

School starts in 4 days!

Oviparous Aminals


 First the egg.  Then the …. t-rex!



Then the worm!


first the

We used this book as the inspiration for our writing and artwork.

Click on the image to find it on Amazon.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 11.10.25 AM

Click on this image to download this song.

I printed it for each child, so they could read and sing along!

They kept it in their science notebooks and loved to revisit it throughout the year.


I wonder… snails



First we observed a couple snails under the document camera.


The kids told me what they noticed as the snails moved around, “I see…”.


Then we brainstormed questions, “I wonder…”.


We used sharpies to outline our drawings, pastels to shade and water color to paint.


We had pages and pages of questions about snails.  It was amazing to get their minds wondering and working.

It’s been a long time…

We’ll, we made it to summer.  Got so busy teaching, with family, and everything else life has to offer… this little blog was terribly neglected.  Next year I promise to do better :)

I’m going to commit to doing a few posts each week this summer.  Something about our summer adventures as a family, some teaching stuff from the school year that never made it up, and also (hopefully) I’ll finish some of the teaching materials I’m working on, get those finished and posted in time for the new school year!

Hope all the teachers out there are having a fun and relaxing summer.  It is hot here in Arizona, but oh so wonderful!