Smart Numbers

The SMART Board is a great tool teaching tool for introducing the numbers 1 to 10.

I use touch math to teach number values and addition, so each number has dots for that.  The numbers can be moved around the screen.  The kids can come up to the board and move the numbers in and out of order.

Each number also has an individual page.

First, I click on the number 4 and that takes us to a Sesame Street video.. Number 4 has to be my favorite of all time.  Fiest sings, “Counting to 4” so awesomely.  You and your students will be singing along all day long.

You can listen to her song and find many more great number songs by clicking on the Sesame Street picture:

Then we brainstorm and I draw things we saw from the video… in sets of 4.

I model and then the kids practice writing the number 4 on the SMART Board.

Finally, the kids head off to practice writing the number 4 on their own and drawing objects in sets of 4.

We use pages like this for independent practice:

Often the back side of the paper is blank, so the kids have a place for their sets of 4 drawings.  This is a great early finishers activity… that way all of the kids have time to finish the math work on the front.

You can find this math page and more like it in this common core math set: