Counting-up to Add: Fluency Practice for Beginners

count-up beginners titleTeach your students how to count-up with these printables.

They make a fun and simple addition game.

count-up beginners examples

Roll a die, color the boxes to show the value of the number rolled, and count-up to find the answer.

Your students will reinforce one-to-one, counting, number recognition, number writing, while they practice addition facts.

count-up beginners examples

Counting-up is a crucial fluency skill in addition.  I have worked with many older students who have not mastered the concept.  It is actually easy to teach, once your little ones have the basic concept of addition down, how to join two sets of numbers together, and understand the basic symbols of addition.

There are also blank practice pages that you can use once your students have mastered the skill of counting-up and for those who need an extra challenge.

On the blank pages, students roll two dice and have to first decide which is the larger number to write in the star.  I have dice that go up to 12 and dice that go up to 20 for those few kids who need a BIG challenge.

I have had huge success suing this method with my students.  Their math skilled have soared.


Counting-up to Add: Fluency Practice for the Young Child

Click on the image to see the entire set.

In kindergarten, counting-up from the first number is always a major ah-ha moment for my students.

Once your students are comfortable counting manipulatives to add two sets of numbers together, counting-up is an important skill to impart to your little ones because it is crucial to addition fluency.

I usually have my students touch their head when they say the first number then count-up using various manipulatives… body parts, bears, blocks, etc..

These practice pages use a die to teach counting-up.  It is a fun center activity.

Click on the image to see the entire set.

This practice also lends itself to eventually taking away the manipulatives and instead using dot addition to count-up.

I’ve had huge success with this method of teaching addition to my students, so much so, that my students have been far above the end of year benchmarks for math.

Say Hello to our Pet Mantis

On Sunday, I found this enormous praying mantis in our yard.  When my daughter was little (now she is a sophomore in high school… not so little anymore) we caught one, gave it a little habitat, fed it (catching bugs at the patio light each night was loads of fun), and eventually found her a mate… something I don’t recommend.  We were all a bit shocked when she ate him.

Finding this one reminded me of that time with my daughter: playing outside, catching lizards, finding cool rocks..  My daughter, Olive, has always loved nature and can catch anything- she is my go to girl when some critter is in the house.

I brought this one to school.  She is so big!  We’ve been feeding her crickets.  The kids are amazed.  I think she is pregnant and will have babies soon.  Then we’ll have 100’s and 100’s of mantises.  We will be able to fill our garden.

One of my favorite picture books goes along with caring for a mantis.  It is called Mary Ann and was written by Betsy James.

I highly recommend it.  Click on the image to read more about it on Amazon.

My students want to name our mantis, so I think we’ll vote on a name tomorrow.

Pre-primer Sight Word Practice Pages

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One New Pup

This week we adopted a puppy.

My kids and I have all been on fall break, so it has been great spending every day with him.

He is so loving.

We have been  trying to decide on a name.. we finally put it to a vote, weighted our top choices, then eliminated, held a re-vote and another vote.. and then there was some other fancy calculations involved.. but the winner was…


Rhymes with ‘follow” and was inspired by Paolo Solari.

Tomorrow we head back to school.  I’m going to miss him. and I think he is going to miss us too.

He says, “Please don’t go.  I love you so.”

Pumpkin Science in Kindergarten

Write and explore with Pumpkins!  There are 24 pages in the set.

These pages are an easy way to integrate  science into your kindergarten day.  You can have some fun with your kids, explore with a high interest topic, and still  be teaching common core: reading, math, and writing skills.

One activity in the pack is to grow a  pumpkin patch.

Our seeds are really growing!  They won’t fit in the bags much longer.

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Pumpkin Science: Freebie!

Click on the image to download the set for free.

Predict and test with these freebie pages!

There are 2 pages in the set, predict with the class and then test using different sized pumpkins.

 I will be using these with my class next week.  Can’t wait!

Your students will love this science activity.