I love taking big ideas, finding and teaching the most essential part, turning  all the wonder in the room into experience, giving outlet to the joy of learning and seeing those ah-ha moments in my students.

In this blog you will find tid-bits of  my experience, random thoughts, and resources, hopefully sprinkled with moments of insight.

During my kindergarten day, little songs and melody’s keep the day bright.  It brings such a positive tone to our classroom, helps the kids with the routine, is great for language development, and is an important teaching tool.  Most of my songs are made up on the fly, with the melodies from old nursery rhymes or sometimes the pop song that was playing during my ride to school.  I can’t seem to remember the words to many songs when I need them, but I’ve also found that the kids like it when my songs incorporate what is happening in the moment.  I use their names and include directions in my songs, teach them procedures, and new concepts.  It’s really fun.

In kindergarten we are all artists…it is important that the work of every students shines.  Each child’s unique perspective is important and celebrated in kindergarten.  We spend so much time developing our artistic sensibilities as we learn to use different materials, strengthen our pencil grip, incorporate more details in our work, and learn the techniques of the masters.  I love showing kids the way that light changes of the colors of things… color the sky orange and the grass blue.. that’s what I always say.

The magic of science fills our days with wonder and excitement.   I want my students to be curious, thoughtful, and to scientific!  Thematic and integrated learning glues everything together for us and it makes each day so much more fun!

We practice, practice, and then practice some more in my kindergarten.  Over the years I have learned the importance of routine and procedure.  Every part of our day is learning… from how to write our names to playing on the playground.

I also believe, in the wonder and imagination of childhood.  I try to tap into all that enthusiasm and joy as often as possible.

It keeps me going, day in and day out.



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