Say Hello to our Pet Mantis

On Sunday, I found this enormous praying mantis in our yard.  When my daughter was little (now she is a sophomore in high school… not so little anymore) we caught one, gave it a little habitat, fed it (catching bugs at the patio light each night was loads of fun), and eventually found her a mate… something I don’t recommend.  We were all a bit shocked when she ate him.

Finding this one reminded me of that time with my daughter: playing outside, catching lizards, finding cool rocks..  My daughter, Olive, has always loved nature and can catch anything- she is my go to girl when some critter is in the house.

I brought this one to school.  She is so big!  We’ve been feeding her crickets.  The kids are amazed.  I think she is pregnant and will have babies soon.  Then we’ll have 100’s and 100’s of mantises.  We will be able to fill our garden.

One of my favorite picture books goes along with caring for a mantis.  It is called Mary Ann and was written by Betsy James.

I highly recommend it.  Click on the image to read more about it on Amazon.

My students want to name our mantis, so I think we’ll vote on a name tomorrow.


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