Children around the World

children around the world title

Tomorrow we begin our study of culture, language, traditions, and games from around the world.

We learn about the ways in which we are same and different…

Why we are all special and important.

I can’t wait to begin our travels across the globe!

Click on the image to download the report.  It’s free!


Add to Make a Number

Our new math curriculum deals with understanding the different combinations that can be used to make a number.  It is a difficult concept for kindergarten.  My team and I wanted to provide our students with more guided and repeated practice … Continue reading

Understanding Teen Numbers 11-20: New Look!

Kindergarten students struggle to learn those ever so difficult teen numbers.  They don’t follow the pattern.  11?  12?  and why do we say 7 and then teen?  Why not teen-seven? The kids constantly write and say their teen numbers backwards … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Pack

Click on the image to see the full set.

Create a book for your families, sequence and write about the old lady who swallowed a pie, brainstorm and write about the food groups and turkeys with this pack.

There are also graphing pages, a science experiment project with corn, and a few fun math pages for your students.

Click on the image for the full set.

These pages are easy to implement and integrate writing and math into high interest topics that your kids will enjoy.

There are over 70  pages of literacy, math, and science activities included.


Letter Practice: Find & Color, Roll & Write

Click on the image to see the set.

One of my co-teachers asked me to make this set for our kinders.  I just finished!

Students find and color the capital and lower case letter for each letter of the alphabet.

There are also practice pages to help students differentiate multiple letters at the same time.

The roll and write game is simple and fun.  It can be used as a center activity or early finisher work.

The letters are sequenced with our reading program, but they can be used in any order.

Click on the image to see the entire set.

One teacher tip:  Have your students trace with marker and color with crayon.   I started using this strategy with all of my students artwork this year and have found it to be extremely helpful.

Students must slow down in their work.

Tracing improves their fine motor (and they like doing it because they get to use the markers).

My markers last much longer.

Detail work improves for all of the kids.


Student Led Conferences in Kindergarten

  Parent/Teacher conferences are just around the corner for me and I’ve been working furiously to create this set of stations and cards for Student Led Conferences. It is a rewarding process for students, their parents, and for me (the teacher). … Continue reading