Student Led Conferences in Kindergarten

student led conferences title

  Parent/Teacher conferences are just around the corner for me and I’ve been working furiously to create this set of stations and cards for Student Led Conferences.

student led conferences sample

It is a rewarding process for students, their parents, and for me (the teacher).

For one thing, the kids get to shine.   My students get so excited about bringing their parents in and taking them around the room.   The energy just bubbles from them.  I also like that they are included in the process of knowing the skills they are responsible for learning.   It enhances their learning.

Parents also enjoy this process.  They get to “see” first hand the skills and learning expectations of kindergarten.  Gone are the days of telling parents and trying to explain how we do things or why we do such and such.  Now they can actually see what their child can do with independence and which skills they need more practice with.  They also learn how to help their child with these skills by going through each station with their child.  I have gotten tons of positive feedback from parents.  I also think they like that their child shows so much enthusiasm for the process.

The process is rewarding for me because #1 I have to think through those most essential skills. #2 I get to share my classroom with parents #3 My students are included in the process, #4 There are no questions about what students can or can’t do- parents see what their child can and can’t do first hand and #5 It is a great teaching tool for my students and my parents… the list goes on and on.

I hope that you will give it a try with your class too!


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