Crazy Machines

crazy machines

This is one of our son’s favorite games.  The game teaches basic principals of simple machines.  Kids learn to use pulleys, gears, levers, wind, magnets, ramps and more to solve all kinds of wacky problems.  Each level teaches how to use a new material or tool.  Our son, Day, especially loves to make his own levels.  He has made hundreds and hundreds of crazy machines over the years, all the while learning basic principles about how things work.

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SMART Adding: Teaching Young Children to Add

smart adding titleTeach addition to your little ones with these interactive and engaging SMART Board lessons!

Teach addition using…

Ten frames
Number Lines
Hundreds Charts
by Counting-Up from the Larger Number
as well as
Composing and Decomposing Numbers 1 to 10

Also, introduce your children to the identity and commutative property of addition.

There are 18 pages of practice in the set.

Each lesson is visually stimulating and targets common core principals at the primary level.

You can model and call up volunteers for guided practice with these pages.

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Happy Teaching

SMART Teens: Numbers 11 to 20

smart teens title pageUse the SMART Board to engage, instruct, and guide your students through the treacherous teens!

Practice using numbers lines, tally marks, ten frames, number sentences, place value and more.

These ready made slides allow you to instruct, guide, and assess your students as you model and they practice on the SMART Board.

Engagement will soar.  Your students will have fun and their understanding will teens number sentence

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Happy Teaching!

SMART Numbers 1 to 10

SMART numbers 1 to 10 titleUse the SMART Board to teach your students the numbers 1 to 10.  Order, write, complete a ten frame and an addition sentence, and watch a video for each number with these interactive pages.  You and your students will love it.


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Children Around the World



we are all alike we are all different book

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We are all Alike.  We are all Different.  One of my favorite children’s books of all time.  The kids are always fascinated by the fact that real, live kindergarten kids wrote the book.  It has an important message, with simple text that is relevant to the lives of our students.  We use this theme to kick-off our Children around the World unit in December.

During centers in art, we’ve been painting life-sized portraits.  Boy was it a messy and BIG project, but oh so fun!  I love mixing colors, discussing eye and skin colors with the kids, matching outfits…

The kids love it and learn so much!

Here is a free copy of the report that our students are working on at the moment.  They are researching and writing about a country of their choice and will be presenting to the class soon.

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children around the world titleIMG_3449

Corn Experiment in the Thanksgiving Pack

We predicted and set-up our experiment..  Now we are observing and watching our corn grow!  This is a simple, yet really fun experiment to do with the kids.   You can find a brainstorming, predicting, and a sequencing page for the experiment in this Thanksgiving Pack.   I got the corn at Trader Joe’s… super cheep.  IMG_2910thanksgiving pack title

Compose and Decompose Numbers 1 to 10!

using ten frames to compose and decompose title

More math work to teach numbers 1 to 10, addition, and all the combinations that make each number.  I love these.  The double sided chips fit perfectly on the ten frame, so you can use the doc camera, to show the kids how to change the combination for each number sentence.  Happy Teaching!