Children Around the World



we are all alike we are all different book

Click on the image to purchase this book on Amazon.

We are all Alike.  We are all Different.  One of my favorite children’s books of all time.  The kids are always fascinated by the fact that real, live kindergarten kids wrote the book.  It has an important message, with simple text that is relevant to the lives of our students.  We use this theme to kick-off our Children around the World unit in December.

During centers in art, we’ve been painting life-sized portraits.  Boy was it a messy and BIG project, but oh so fun!  I love mixing colors, discussing eye and skin colors with the kids, matching outfits…

The kids love it and learn so much!

Here is a free copy of the report that our students are working on at the moment.  They are researching and writing about a country of their choice and will be presenting to the class soon.

Click on the image to download a free copy of the report.

children around the world titleIMG_3449


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