Spring Happenings

Kindergarten has been so busy, we have plants growing, caterpillars munching, and all kinds of experiments going.  I’ve been making lots of stuff to support our work, but haven’t had the time to polish it up to share.  This summer I plan to put some muscle into it.  I think the resources will be very helpful to teachers.  Here are a couple of quick pictures from our work…

We added a little water to these seeds and made predictions about what would happen.

We added a little water to these seeds and made predictions about what would happen.


This yam first sprouted in my pantry at home. It then became a great experiment for the kids.


The classic Lima Bean spouts. They grew amazingly well, no extra light, just a little water.  I’ve over watered in the past.


They started as small as little strings.. now they are fat and climbing their way to the top of the container. We’ve been comparing the life cycles of our seeds and the caterpillars.. We’ll be writing about it next week!


One of my students brought in this beautiful flower for me. It was perfect at the science table for showing the pollen and nectar tube that our bees and butterflies love so much 🙂


We also sprouted this seed jungle in a plastic bag. I threw in some seeds from a bean mix. Some of the seeds, had water, some no light, some no air, etc… the ones without light turned moldy and SMELLED so bad. That got the biggest reactions from the kids. Gotta love science..


Bamboo is so easy to care for and provides the kids with a great close up of the roots… It just grows all year and doesn’t ask for much in return. Brings a little green life into the classroom all year long.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned that I twisted my knee on a family hike.  It was dark, the trail a little steep, and there were lots of loose rocks..  You would think that it would be a no brainer… not to take such a walk after  sunset.. but my family and I have taken the trail many times before.. it was a beautiful Arizona night… a cool breeze, we could see all the city lights, and then… I just went down.  It happened so fast.. Getting down the rest of the way after that was a little tricky.   My other half finally propped me up on his back.  I was laughing and crying all at once, thinking we were both going down for sure, but we made it.  Getting around a kindergarten classroom on crutches is no small feat.. let me tell you…  The kids get me through the day, they are so great and always so helpful.