Chicka ABC & 123

chicka graph chicka sort chika bead

New pack!  Just finished this unit with my class.  They enjoyed it so much!

Chicka chicka mini unit title


Center Time

We’ve started center rotations!


Center 1

Color, Cut, and Sort: Capitals and Lowercase


Center 2

 Play-dough Mats


Center 3

 Bead a Number


Center 4

Match and Color: Magnetic Letters

We are practicing our rotations, learning where to go, what to do, and how to work during centers.  So far, so good!  The kids have been fabulous.  Hardworking, artistic, focused… I love it!  I’ve had the kids working quietly during center time because eventually, I will be pulling small reading groups during this time.  I want them to be focused and on task, so that I can focus all my attention on my reading group.  Lots of positive reinforcement going on right now!  We use a clip-up chart and I was able to clip everyone up and off the chart today!

I’m working on a Chicka Chicka packet with the letter sort activity, but here is the magnetic letter match page.  It’s free!

mag letter alpha match



Tables are ready for math time!

Today was number 1


First the kids did their work in pencil.


One Sun.


Then we traced with markers and colored with crayons.


Tracing with markers keeps our markers from drying out too fast and it gives the kids extra fine motor practice.


This was my first time trying out the new pack and it worked great!

It was just right for beginning kinder.


numbers 1 to 10 sample 3Get the pack for yourself!

click on the image


Numbers 1 to 10 {Practice for Beginners}

Teach numbers 1 to 10 with these practice pages! There are 4 different pages of practice per number:  1 to 10. Teacher number concepts with number poems, tally marks, ten frames, touch math, number lines and more! How many fingers? … Continue reading

Kindergarten is good at…


First, we did a whole group brainstorming activity.


As the kids told me all the things they are good at, I wrote down the words with little pictures using the document camera.


I demonstrated coloring techniques and expectations for where to write the word and all that good stuff.  We are into mixing colors!


They all turned out so cute.  I’ve got them up on our wall.


Everyone was successful!  Even my little guys working on the letters in their names.  It was a nice activity and the kids are proud of their work.


Another View

IMG_6551I’ve been wanting to write “kindergarten” up in the space between the two air vents for years.  At first I thought I would be brave enough to paint it some day, but our district won’t let us paint anymore.  I looked up ways to create and print some sort of large stickers, but those ran into the hundreds of dollars.  Finally, it dawned on me… scrap booking paper.  It took me about 5 minutes to free hand these.  Turned out nice, not 100% what I had in mind, but it works.  Would love to have a “wild thing” theme, with vines and trees coming out of the letters.  I’ll have to keep thinking it over.  Maybe one day I figure out how to make it work.




We have started a mini unit on coconuts.

Today we made a prediction.

The kids were so surprised to learn that the coconut is actually a gigantic seed!  They wanted to know how i knew so much stuff.

A coconut tree will grow if  we plant it!

Tomorrow we will explore with our five senses.

On Friday the plan is to open and taste the coconut!


Pencils, crayons, and scissors. Oh my!


Each table is its own color and it matches the supplies.


  I found these Crayola cups at Walmart a few years ago.


Most of the cups are actually soup cups for lunches.


They work great.  With six kids per table there are enough crayons to go around.

Everything is within reach!


Here are the tables they go on!

I don’t actually have a yellow table, but I do have 2 different blue tables, one hexagon, one rectangular.

I can’t fit all the kids at the hexagon tables, so the blue rectangle table gets the yellow cups.  It’s not perfect, but it works!


How many letters are in our names?


We made a class graph with our names.

IMG_6553 Here is a close up.

We did more activities relating to our names with pages from this pack.

My first week in kinder 4

It worked really well.  The boxes helped the kids write and count out the number of letters in their name.  They also added some cutting and pasting as the kids had to write their names, then cut out the letters and glue them in order on the construction paper.   I used to write their names for them and cut them out ahead of time.   This was so much better!