Almost Ready!

I took some pictures of my classroom today.  It is almost ready for the first day of school.  The to-do list just keeps on growing, but feel better now that the room is coming together.


Here is an overall view of room!


Made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree this year.  The monkey was my daughter’s and then it belonged to my son after her.  He makes a call when you squeeze his tummy! I got the curtains covering the shelves at IKEA in their discount room.  A little velcro and a hem… viola!


Cubbies… kinda boring, need to paint the shelves one day to brighten them up.  Last year I found the plastic bins at Target, in the dollar section, though they were actually $2.50 each.  They fit just right, add some color, and I can see their names without having to bend over!


This is our clip-up chart.  Everyone starts on green, every day.  We are a PBIS school now and so our principal is laying out a new system for everyone to use.  The pelican is kinda random, but a keeper.


Our first star student!  He’s wild!


Curtains from IKEA!


The green pocket chart is for Leader of the Day.  We only have one helper a day. That child is the leader.  They help with calendar, lead the line, water the garden, help the teacher, etc.  It is so much easier to manage!  Started this last year after a co-teacher suggested it.. (Thank you Patty!).

Put my alphabet cards in the red pocket chart this year.  Had to staple the plastic between each letter to hold the cards up (thank you staple gun).  I use these letters for our letter of the day, sight words, word families, you name it.  It will be nice to have them front and center, organized, and accessible.


The shelf is a collection of stuffed animals that my kids have grown out of, but I can’t quite let go.  Have a collection of monsters.. cookie monsters, Grover (my love), Oscar (who can’t relate), Max, some wild things, and an original from the Teeny Tiny Toy store in Bisbee (Thanks Mead)!


Books for the first week, center chart, objective chart, and magnetic white board with all kinds of stuff!


Jumbo, magnetic letters!  I bought these one year with my APT money.  They add so much color to the room and there is so much you can do with them.


Guided reading table… cleaned it off (mostly) to take the picture!  This white board will be the word wall.   That is the computer I use to make all my teaching materials.


Lastly, my very messy wall of fame.  All kinds of love notes and photos from former students and families.  I try to clean it up some at the end of each year, but still have it all saved in a drawer.  It would be nice to put it all in a scrap book.  I have so many heartfelt notes from students and their families, so many great drawings, and photos.  It reminds me of all the wonderful connections I made over the years to so many great families and kids.


4 thoughts on “Almost Ready!

    • or maybe days and days, lol… this year was the year of clearing out the old.. I got rid of so much stuff. The room feels so much more open, like a fresh start, just in time for a new year!

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