Center Time

We’ve started center rotations!


Center 1

Color, Cut, and Sort: Capitals and Lowercase


Center 2

 Play-dough Mats


Center 3

 Bead a Number


Center 4

Match and Color: Magnetic Letters

We are practicing our rotations, learning where to go, what to do, and how to work during centers.  So far, so good!  The kids have been fabulous.  Hardworking, artistic, focused… I love it!  I’ve had the kids working quietly during center time because eventually, I will be pulling small reading groups during this time.  I want them to be focused and on task, so that I can focus all my attention on my reading group.  Lots of positive reinforcement going on right now!  We use a clip-up chart and I was able to clip everyone up and off the chart today!

I’m working on a Chicka Chicka packet with the letter sort activity, but here is the magnetic letter match page.  It’s free!

mag letter alpha match


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