Sort and Graph with Apples

First we asked every child to bring in one or two apples.


Then we sorted them- yellow, red, green, and mixed!


Finally, we graphed our results using a page from the apple unit below.

There were so many mixed apples that we had to split the row and add more boxes!

apples sample page apples all title



Today we measured our apples with cubes.


First I demonstrated on the doc cam.  I showed the kids how important it is to line up the cubes with the apple, then how to trace the cubes on the paper, and use lines to make sure the apple was drawn to size.

The kids loved it!

This page and more can be found in my Apples pack.  Enjoy!

apples sample page apples all title

Apples! {Math, Science, and Literacy Activities}

New and Improved! Teach math and literacy while engaging your students in high interest science activities.   There are over 60 pages included.  We are currently working on this unit in class and the kids are so excited!   Your … Continue reading

Magnetic Letter Games

mag letter alpha games titleFinished!  Great Alphabet Activities for Centers!


mag letter 314 Games for Alphabet Matching and Ordering.

3 Different Alphabet Sorts:

Capitals and Lowercase, Round and Straight, Tall and Short Letters

mag letter 4Letter of the Day Activities Include:

Match and Sort Capitals and Lowercase Letters

Make the Word

Finish the Alphabet String

Draw a Picture



We are working through the numbers 1 to 10.   Two fingers and cubes!  We’ve been singing “One little, Two Little, Three Little Fingers” to practice showing the value of each number.  It’s tricky for kindergarten!  They are trying so … Continue reading