Student Led Conferences {New and Improved!}

student led conferences 2

New and Improved!

Aligned with Common Core

Numbers, counting, place value, adding, subtracting, more and less,  letters, sounds, rhyme, segmenting, blending, syllables, sight words, handwriting, writing, calendar, reading, comprehension, and more!

Students and parents love the process of student led conferences.  Parents see the skills their children have mastered and those skills to continue working on as their child takes them through each station.

It is a great way to show parents the skills we work on in kindergarten and ways to practice with their child at home.

Parents and children enjoy being part of the process!


Ready, Set, Grow!


We are ready to garden!

I have a parent this year who is a carpenter.  She built our beds, another mom added the base paint and then had the kids add their hand prints, then a third mom turned them into beautiful tulips!


We dug, turned the soil, planted, and watered our seeds.  It was a busy Friday!

We can’t wait for our garden to grow!