Is it alive?

Hooray for spring!

The kids and I are loving the beautiful weather, feeling the warm arizona sun, seeing all kinds of clouds, and enjoying lots of cool breezes.

We are beginning a new science unit on living and n0n-living, animals, eggs, worms, and more.

The kids are so excited!

We started with what we wondered.  How do we know if something is alive or not alive?

We watched this video from PSB and the kids discussed which things they though were alive, which were not, and why.

The kids drew pictures in their science journal of things they thought were living or non-living as a pre-assessment.  Many of the kids put trees and jellyfish as non-living.

The kids were so excited to share their ideas and thinking.

This song helped us learn the characteristics of living things:

Is it alive?
(Sung to Londen Bridges)
Living things need food and water, food and water, food and water.
Living things need food and air, non-living things to do not.
Living things grow and change…
Living things need air to breathe…
Living things reproduce…
Living things move by themselves…


Then we completed this chart together.

The kids didn’t know that trees breathed or that the seeds were part of reproduction.   They also had to figure out how to distinguish between objects that move because of electricity, heat, or wind and objects that move on their own.  They also weren’t sure if gas could be considered a type of food for cars.

This is a really fun topic to explore with your students.  I highly recommend it.  Give them lots of time to express their ideas and the logic behind their thinking.

At one point I had a girl say to me, “but Ms. Holland, boys do not have babies.”  Only to have one of the boys in the classroom counter, “They help!  I know they do!”

Be ready for anything.


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