Oviparous Aminals


 First the egg.  Then the …. t-rex!



Then the worm!


first the

We used this book as the inspiration for our writing and artwork.

Click on the image to find it on Amazon.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 11.10.25 AM

Click on this image to download this song.

I printed it for each child, so they could read and sing along!

They kept it in their science notebooks and loved to revisit it throughout the year.



I wonder… snails



First we observed a couple snails under the document camera.


The kids told me what they noticed as the snails moved around, “I see…”.


Then we brainstormed questions, “I wonder…”.


We used sharpies to outline our drawings, pastels to shade and water color to paint.


We had pages and pages of questions about snails.  It was amazing to get their minds wondering and working.

It’s been a long time…

We’ll, we made it to summer.  Got so busy teaching, with family, and everything else life has to offer… this little blog was terribly neglected.  Next year I promise to do better 🙂

I’m going to commit to doing a few posts each week this summer.  Something about our summer adventures as a family, some teaching stuff from the school year that never made it up, and also (hopefully) I’ll finish some of the teaching materials I’m working on, get those finished and posted in time for the new school year!

Hope all the teachers out there are having a fun and relaxing summer.  It is hot here in Arizona, but oh so wonderful!