Getting Ready

IMG_1746 Finished the first bulletin board in the room!  The colorful cubby  bins came from the dollar section at Target.  They fit just right.  I am always on the lookout for more, but they come and go and I haven’t seen them for awhile. Still have a ton of stuff all over the tables.  I really know how to make a mess.

IMG_1748Our clip up chart for when students show B.E.S.T. behavior:

Be Safe, Exhibit Excellence, Show Respect, and Take Responsibility

IMG_1750Making progress, but it is still a really big mess.

IMG_1751I love these magnetic white boards!  At first, I didn’t know how best to utilize them (I have 3 and they take up a lot of wall space).  But I’ve since learned all about magnetic tape.  A few of the items on this board are from large posters that I cut up.  The students use these words as a reference during math, writing, and reading.

IMG_1752This white board is for our word wall.  I also use the magnetic number line during estimation (more on that in another post).  The shelf was on sell at Target for $28.00.  I bought 2!  I was fortunate to win an award at school that came with some money for the classroom.  I still have more to spend, but am nervous.  I want to make sure I spend wisely.

School starts in 4 days!


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