Center Time


Math!  Make the numbers 1 to 10 with snap blocks.IMG_1931Art!  Free draw a mouse.
For our Hickory, Dickory clocks. Paint, glue, sharpies, scissors… there’s no better way to do an art project!

IMG_1928Playdough numbers: 1 – 10IMG_1923Phonics: 4 Square!

phonics freebie

Click here to get the 4 square for free!

Science: Will it float?

IMG_1920It’s a new month!  We filled out our September calendars and added them to our science notebooks.  Then we made predictions about our egg… would it float?


Most of the class thought it would.  After our predictions were recorded, we did our test!


The kids drew our results for their notebooks.  It was a fun little experiment!

These pages can be found in this Humpty Dumpty unit.  
humpty title

Click on the image to see it at TpT!


I’m Done! Now What?

IMG_1910 IMG_1911

These bins were in the dollar section at target.  I used them to set-up early finisher stations.  Once their work is done, the kids can come and choose a bin and do the activity inside.  Most of the puzzles are ones that I found at the dollar store or Ross.  

IMG_1912 IMG_1913

There are alphabet puzzles, number matching to 10, and a matching game for rhyme. The hundreds chart is from Lakeshore.  It is super hard, but the kids love it!



IMG_1933 IMG_1934

I’ll change them up as we go along, but for now, these are working great.  The kids pair up in twos as they work.  They love it, it’s super easy to manage, and a great activity for the kids that finish early.