Chicka, Chicka: Alphabet, Numbers, and Coconut Science!

Chicka chicka mini unit title

We love using Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom! to integrate our beginning of the year learning as we are focused on letters and sounds, numbers and counting, and our 5 senses.  Our students LOVE the rhythm and rhyme of the story and it creates a nice backdrop to our letter and sound practice as well as numbers and counting… and of course… coconuts!

There is a nice reading by the author of the book on Discovery Education, but you can also find it on youtube.  Here is the alphabet book and the number book on Amazon:

chicka chikca book   chicka 123 book

I have always found science to be the key ingredient to all classroom learning and coconut science is so fun!  The kids are super curious about them, love watching my yearly struggle to get it open, delight in making predictions about them – Will a coconut float?   Are there seeds inside of a coconut?  Culminating with our taste test… Do you like coconuts?

Did you know that coconuts are seeds and that they move by floating on water?

I think this year we will try to plant one… I wonder if it will work?


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