100 Days

  Saw this adorable idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

We used butcher paper for the capes (instead of the plastic table clothes),  cut construction paper for the zeros, used bingo markers to make the dots, and a co-teacher had the glasses template. We are going to be Super Heros in honor of Zero the Hero!  I’m going to try pinning the capes on instead of using string to tie them on. 

The kids are so excited! After working on these today, they can’t wait for the 100th day!

For more ideas check out this pack on teachers pay teachers!


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

   We’ve been learning and singing about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all week!

Take the pledge!


Finally figured out an efficient way to organize our binders!   It only took me 94 days of school and mess to figure it out, lol.  Not only do they all fit on one shelf, but they are easily accessible for the children. Their names are written on the spine. It just took a little training to show the children how to put them away.  

  Yay for organization!