Earth Day – Seed Hearts

seed heart

For Earth Day we made seed hearts.

The ingredients were:

1 part soil

1 part clay

1 part water


A sprinkle of seeds


We used Hollyhock seeds.  It was me and a classroom of 20 children – muddy, messy  children – all asking for help at the same time, all covered from head to toe in mud, but we did it!   We had mud in our hair, on our clothes, covering our hands and all the tables.  Looked up at one moment to a slight – OMG! What have I done? – but there was no time for panic.  I had mud blobs to help shape into hearts, children to encourage, soil and seeds to add, and a major clean up to orchestrate!  Loved this project, the mess, the mud, and most importantly… going green on a day meant to celebrate, protect, and help our planet Earth.

Click on the image below for more ideas and seed related projects in the classroom.

seeds pack


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