How do seeds move?

Learning that seeds can move, without having legs to get around, is fascinating for young children.

seed shaker real

I like to open with questions, “Can seeds move?  But why do you think that?  But how can they move if they don’t have legs?  But why would a seed need to move?” These types of questions get the kids thinking, discussing, and questing what they think they know about seeds and how things work.  Encourage your students to ask “I wonder…” questions and develop a list of ideas that your would like to explore!

Once your ready to dive into research they are many great resources out there.

I love the the interactive site below gives simple descriptions and great visuals on seed dispersal. 

seed dispersal site

Click on the image to explore!

There are many great books too!  Click on the images to learn more about the stories on Amazon. 


Beautiful illustrations.

seed 3

Provides the basics with great photographs.

seed 4

Beautiful story of a seed and its journey out into the big wide world!

seeds 5

Great resource for answering the questions that you generate as a class.

Don’t forget the awesomeness of the web for fun and informative videos!

Poop Alert!

Exploding Seeds

Dandelion Time Lapse

Exploding Seed Pod Experiment!

Coconut Seeds Move Too

Fun stop animations made by 2nd grade students.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take your children out and about!  Explore your school grounds.  Encourage your students to collect as many different types of seeds as they can.  Try to figure out how each type of seed moves as you go along on your seed hunt!

seed sort

For more seed experiments and science pages check out my seed pack on Teachers Pay Teachers below.

seed packet


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