Popcorn Words: Pre-primer and Primer Dolch Sight Words

popcorn word title

Practice sight words with a fun game!

popcorn sample 1


Chicka, Chicka: Alphabet, Numbers, and Coconut Science!

We love using Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom! to integrate our beginning of the year learning as we are focused on letters and sounds, numbers and counting, and our 5 senses.  Our students LOVE the rhythm and rhyme of the story and … Continue reading


Guess Who? {An all about me Mini Book} Freebie!

Use these free pages to create an “All about me Book” with your students. Enjoy! Advertisements


All About Me in Kindergarten: Memory Book for August

Capture the first weeks of kindergarten with this memory book. You’ll find over 25 prompts to get your students drawing and writing! Each child will create a personal memory book that captures memories of themselves and the important skills they … Continue reading


Whole Body Listening

I was first introduced to the concept of Whole Body Listening many years ago when I became the full inclusion teacher for our students with autism.  However it has proved to be a method that is helpful to all my kinders, … Continue reading


Center Time


Math!  Make the numbers 1 to 10 with snap blocks.IMG_1931Art!  Free draw a mouse.
For our Hickory, Dickory clocks. Paint, glue, sharpies, scissors… there’s no better way to do an art project!

IMG_1928Playdough numbers: 1 – 10IMG_1923Phonics: 4 Square!

phonics freebie

Click here to get the 4 square for free!


I’m Done! Now What?

IMG_1910 IMG_1911

These bins were in the dollar section at target.  I used them to set-up early finisher stations.  Once their work is done, the kids can come and choose a bin and do the activity inside.  Most of the puzzles are ones that I found at the dollar store or Ross.  

IMG_1912 IMG_1913

There are alphabet puzzles, number matching to 10, and a matching game for rhyme. The hundreds chart is from Lakeshore.  It is super hard, but the kids love it!



IMG_1933 IMG_1934

I’ll change them up as we go along, but for now, these are working great.  The kids pair up in twos as they work.  They love it, it’s super easy to manage, and a great activity for the kids that finish early.  



Humpty Dumpty


We’ve started in our Nursery Rhyme Books!


We sang the poem, found sight words and rhyming words as we read it together.




Then we wrote the sight words from the poem, as we chanted and spelled the sight words.


Next they had the chance to cut and past the letters to make the words.  

humpty sample

Next week, I want to do a couple of the egg experiments from this pack with the kids.  

humpty title

Click on the image to see more at TpT.



Jack and Jill

jack and jill

Teach, play, and lean with Nursery rhymes!

Here are a few sample pages from the packet
jack and jill sampleClick on the image to see more!



Dd is for Daisy


I have this amazing and super creative co-teacher in kindergarten.  She get’s all the credit for this idea.  I saw it hanging outside her door and had to copy.  

Cutting and pasting requires a lot of front loading in kindergarten, especially this early in the school year.  I demonstrated on the document camera how to cut 10 petals, glue and paste them on the black square.  We discussed how each one would turn out different and that is what would make them all beautiful.  

I warned them that I wouldn’t help them cut it, they had to do it themselves.  

They did a really good job!