It’s been a long time…

We’ll, we made it to summer.  Got so busy teaching, with family, and everything else life has to offer… this little blog was terribly neglected.  Next year I promise to do better 🙂

I’m going to commit to doing a few posts each week this summer.  Something about our summer adventures as a family, some teaching stuff from the school year that never made it up, and also (hopefully) I’ll finish some of the teaching materials I’m working on, get those finished and posted in time for the new school year!

Hope all the teachers out there are having a fun and relaxing summer.  It is hot here in Arizona, but oh so wonderful!




Double Trouble

Dice games that teach double addition facts and counting-up strategies. I’ve been tutoring this summer and have created some fun games to help teach math facts.  This is one of the games.  During tutoring  we also record our answers on … Continue reading


Our dear Paulo has grown so much this year.  Our big, little puppy is even a bigger puppy now.


He’s not chewing as much as he was, though we have still lost quite a few shoes, a pair of headphones, a baseball glove, a chair cushion, and well, you get the idea.  I just saved one of my son’s hats.


He is of course as loving as ever.  Always has a warm, wagging welcome when we come home.  In the mornings, he would rather I crawl into his pen and rub his belly, than to get up with the sun.


We’d like to get him into the pool this summer.  So far, all we’ve managed to do is scare him.  He won’t go near it.  It was grandpa’s fault.  He threw him in the pool thinking tough love was the way to go.  Now, try as we might, we can’t coax him to come near the water.


We’ll keep working on it.  It is one of the things on the summer to do list.  That and get in shape, but more about that in a different post.