SMART Adding: Teaching Young Children to Add

smart adding titleTeach addition to your little ones with these interactive and engaging SMART Board lessons!

Teach addition using…

Ten frames
Number Lines
Hundreds Charts
by Counting-Up from the Larger Number
as well as
Composing and Decomposing Numbers 1 to 10

Also, introduce your children to the identity and commutative property of addition.

There are 18 pages of practice in the set.

Each lesson is visually stimulating and targets common core principals at the primary level.

You can model and call up volunteers for guided practice with these pages.

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Happy Teaching


SMART Teens: Numbers 11 to 20

smart teens title pageUse the SMART Board to engage, instruct, and guide your students through the treacherous teens!

Practice using numbers lines, tally marks, ten frames, number sentences, place value and more.

These ready made slides allow you to instruct, guide, and assess your students as you model and they practice on the SMART Board.

Engagement will soar.  Your students will have fun and their understanding will teens number sentence

Click on the images to see more @ TpT.

Happy Teaching!

SMART Numbers 1 to 10

SMART numbers 1 to 10 titleUse the SMART Board to teach your students the numbers 1 to 10.  Order, write, complete a ten frame and an addition sentence, and watch a video for each number with these interactive pages.  You and your students will love it.


Click on the images to see more @ Tpt.SMART numbers 1 to 10 ten frame

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Calendar on the SMART Board

Two years ago, I lost my calendar wall when our SMART Boards went up in the classrooms.  It took me some time to wrap my  head around the change, but I’ve finally got it figured out.

Now I’ve got our entire calendar routine in a SMART Document.

 The kids actually love it and so do I.

It takes some training and practice, but by this time of the year, my students are independent with the routine.  I can change out reading folders and prep my day while the Leader of the Day leads the class through the calendar routine.  I still jump in here and there to ask more challenging questions or focus the class if needed.

The calendar also changes over time as different concepts are introduced and become the focus of learning.

These two pages are focused on days and months of the year. We sing and move the images to match the days of the week.  There are also icons on each day of the week to help the children read each word.

Right now we are still reviewing letter names and sounds each morning with different chants and songs.  Each letter also has a movement that we practice.  The sound movements relate to each alphafriend character.

 However, our focus will soon shift to making words, word families, and vowels as we begin to make cvc words.

Each week we introduce 2-3 new sight words.

I add the new words to our calendar routine and we sing the words each morning.

I love hundreds charts.  I have found them to be a crucial visual aid when teaching number sense, counting, patterns, the concept of addition, and even the value of each coin.  We use this page to count the number of days we have been in school so far.

We use this interactive hundreds chart to count by 10’s each morning.

Counting the number of days we’ve been in school with tally marks is difficult for kindergarten, because #1 counting by 5’s is hard, but #2 because the children have to switch from counting up by 5’s to 1’s.  The interactive hundreds chart helps my students to “see” how this counting-up strategy works and it gives them a big boast in their ability to count in this way.

We also use place value blocks to count the number of days we have been in school.

 This is our last slide for now.  Later we will add addition and subtraction.

Smart Numbers

The SMART Board is a great tool teaching tool for introducing the numbers 1 to 10.

I use touch math to teach number values and addition, so each number has dots for that.  The numbers can be moved around the screen.  The kids can come up to the board and move the numbers in and out of order.

Each number also has an individual page.

First, I click on the number 4 and that takes us to a Sesame Street video.. Number 4 has to be my favorite of all time.  Fiest sings, “Counting to 4” so awesomely.  You and your students will be singing along all day long.

You can listen to her song and find many more great number songs by clicking on the Sesame Street picture:

Then we brainstorm and I draw things we saw from the video… in sets of 4.

I model and then the kids practice writing the number 4 on the SMART Board.

Finally, the kids head off to practice writing the number 4 on their own and drawing objects in sets of 4.

We use pages like this for independent practice:

Often the back side of the paper is blank, so the kids have a place for their sets of 4 drawings.  This is a great early finishers activity… that way all of the kids have time to finish the math work on the front.

You can find this math page and more like it in this common core math set: