Number Poems




Teach proper number formation with these number poems and practice pages.

The large numbers allow your students to practice number formation with big strokes.

You can use each page for rainbow writing, display, or even use the pages for tactile experiences by having students use the pages for number collages or by gluing sand or seeds inside each number.

We are currently working on numbers 1 to 5 in kindergarten!  It has been especially hard to make the numbers 2 and 5.  We have many, many reversals and difficulty with the curve of the these numbers in particular.  We are using these math practice pages in conjunction with the above poems to practice, practice, practice!



numbers 1-10 title page

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mroe common core title page

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We are working through the numbers 1 to 10.   Two fingers and cubes!  We’ve been singing “One little, Two Little, Three Little Fingers” to practice showing the value of each number.  It’s tricky for kindergarten!  They are trying so … Continue reading

Numbers 1 to 10 {Practice for Beginners}

Teach numbers 1 to 10 with these practice pages! There are 4 different pages of practice per number:  1 to 10. Teacher number concepts with number poems, tally marks, ten frames, touch math, number lines and more! How many fingers? … Continue reading