transitionsThe first weeks of kindergarten are tough!  There are so many different routines and procedures to teach and practice.

This simple read-a-loud, mini-reader, and task card can help you teach your students how to transition from one activity to another at school.

Also included are a behavior contract and incentive chart for individual students that may need extra help with transitions.

Happy teaching!!





i go to school

New and Improved!

The first weeks of school are an important time to establish routines and teach daily schedules.  Many kinders feel quite anxious at first and they express their anxiety with questions about the daily schedule like, “What’s next?” or “When do we go home?”

This pack includes a full color teacher read-a-loud book that introduces your students to the subjects and routines of school with simple text and a corresponding mini-reader that your students can color.


Also included are display cards that can be used for your daily schedule, center rotations, and more.

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I go to the Bathroom at School: Mini-Reader for Kindergarten

i go to the bathroom at school

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Teach the rules and expectations for using the bathroom with this simple reader for students.

Review the importance of respecting the privacy of others, washing hands, being quick and quiet, and more!

This book is a resource to help you during the first weeks of school when we spend much of our day teaching and practicing all of our routines.

I hope that you find it useful!




I go to Recess: A Mini-Reader for Kindergarten



The first weeks of kindergarten are so important!

Everything must be taught, practiced, and reviewed… one step at a time.

You can introduce your students to the rules of recess with this mini-reader.

Students read about going down the slide on their bottom, taking turns on the monkey bars, keeping the sand on the ground, including others, and more!

This is a helpful book to teach routines and procedures during the first weeks as well as a reader that you may return to as the year progresses and expectations are reviewed.

I hope that this book is a helpful resource for you and your students!








I go to School: mini-reader


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It seems obvious, but taking the time to help your student navigate their new environment with less anxiety, more independence, and with respect for rules and procedures is very important.

I created this mini-reader to complement my “Welcome to Kindergarten” unit.

Each page has simple text about an area of campus that your students will visit including: the playground, the nurse’s office, the cafeteria, special area classes, and more.

I’m hoping to complete a series of book relating to the rules and procedures for each area of campus as well.  This way we can color and draw in our reader as we learn about our school and practice routines.

I hope you also find this mini-reader to be a helpful teaching tool for you and your classroom.  I know I need all the resources that I can get to help me teach effectively during the first weeks!

With Love,