x Our amazing Nurse Ellie on campus became our garden steward- planting and tending to all the gardens in our courtyard.  She made our campus so beautiful and full of life. The kinders and I walked by this sunflower every … Continue reading

Seeds {Explore and Learn in Nature}

Take your students into the garden, explore and learn with seeds! Today my son and I went on a walk through the neighborhood, looking for native seeds to harvest.  We’ve had so much rain lately, flowers are blooming everywhere. Next, … Continue reading

Ready, Set, Grow!


We are ready to garden!

I have a parent this year who is a carpenter.  She built our beds, another mom added the base paint and then had the kids add their hand prints, then a third mom turned them into beautiful tulips!


We dug, turned the soil, planted, and watered our seeds.  It was a busy Friday!

We can’t wait for our garden to grow!