Science Notebooks


We’ve started our science note booking!

We started with the idea that scientists make observations and ask questions.


I used their questions page to make a class book.

Some questions where, “Why do rainbows have so many colors?  Why is the sky so close?  Why are pancakes flat?”

Our first page in our notebooks is our calendar.

We use these to practice writing numbers, but also to help organize our units.


We will add a self portrait each month.  It documents our growth over time.  The kids are always amazed to compare their first self portrait to their final one.  We usually add details related to our themes, so each child added our kindergarten garden beds into their portrait.  We talked about our beds and all that we would be growing this year.

IMG_1884Then there is their hand, just because it is nice for families to have, but it also documents growth.

IMG_1883We introduced our 5 senses with a song (I had to modify this one after I had already printed it.. couldn’t get the tune.)


 Then we started our coconut unit making observations and asking questions.  After we passed around our coconuts, every student came up with a different question.  I wrote each child’s question and they illustrated their page for their notebook.



The next day we focused in on one question. 


As you can see, most of the class suspects that coconuts do have seeds inside.

We haven’t tested yet, to see if they do, but that is coming later.

Today, we used our sense of touch to describe how coconuts feel.



The coconut pages can be found in my chicka, chicka unit, if you are interested. Click on the image below to view it.  I haven’t gotten my other science stuff organized yet, I am making it up as we go right now.