i raise my hand

Introduce and practice the procedure of raising your hand with this resource.

Included is a full color book for the teacher.

A reader for students to read and color.


As well as display and task cards.

This series helps you teach the rules and routines of kindergarten.  I use it to establish procedures and spark discussion.

“Why do we raise our hand?”

“Why is it hurtful to blurt?”

The student reader is also a nice communication to send home, so that parents are part of the conversation and know the classroom expectations for behavior.

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I use the bathroom

The first weeks of kindergarten are all about routines and procedures.

Introduce your students to the bathroom with this simple reader.

You will find a full color version for read-a-louds.

A mini-reader for students to read and color.

As well as display and task cards that you can use with your students.

I use the bathroom5

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i go to school

New and Improved!

The first weeks of school are an important time to establish routines and teach daily schedules.  Many kinders feel quite anxious at first and they express their anxiety with questions about the daily schedule like, “What’s next?” or “When do we go home?”

This pack includes a full color teacher read-a-loud book that introduces your students to the subjects and routines of school with simple text and a corresponding mini-reader that your students can color.


Also included are display cards that can be used for your daily schedule, center rotations, and more.

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I go to the Cafeteria at School: A Mini-Reader for Kindergarten



I go to the cafeteria

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Start the school year off right by introducing the cafeteria to your students!

Students learn to wash their hands, wait their turn, walk in line, make healthy choices, walk through the lunch line, raise their hand for assistance, and more!

Rules and procedures for each area of the cafeteria are illustrated with simple illustrations and text.

Your students will start off the school year feeling more comfortable eating in the cafeteria and with the knowledge they need to make good choices as well.

This book can also ease the fears of students who are buying a hot lunch for the first time!

Add it to your “Welcome to Kindergarten” unit or use it to review and reinforce the rules of the cafeteria.

I hope you and your students enjoy!

Love, Jenni