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Updated Pack: Apples

I’m getting ready for a new year, going through old materials, updating and adding to them.  Our units keep changing in kindergarten, but this was a fun one.  I love finding ways to integrate science into our themes, that always seems to be the spark that engages all the kids in learning.

apples sample page apples all title

Here are a few sample pages from the pack.  Click on the images to learn more!

Hey Diddle Diddle!

hey diddle diddle title

Working on new units for nursery rhymes!

hey diddle diddle previewHere are a few sample pages from the unit! 

It will last about 1 to 2 weeks, but incorporates science, literacy, graphing, and writing activities for your kids.  

Click on the images to see more!


We are all the Same and Different


We’ve begun our Children around the World unit.  This year we are incorporating gingerbread men, learning about traditions in different countries as they run around the world.  I’m working on the packet as we go.  Most of the around the world packets I see out there focus on Christmas traditions, which I’m trying to get away from.  Instead, I’m looking for kinder friendly folktales and children’s books, that teach a moral or lesson.

Here is a free report you can use with your students.

children around the world title

We enjoyed making our life-sized portraits.  It’s a lot of work for the teacher, but the kids love it and it is such a great learning experience for the kids.  We have great conversations as we try to match our hair and eye color, clothes, and skin.  There are many good books out there to support the theme of same and different.  My favorite by far is…

same and different

Thanksgiving Books




Our Thanksgiving books are ready! Parents and family members are coming to celebrate reading on Wednesday.  We’ll be ready to read our books to our families!  They turned out so cute!

Here a just a few sample pages…

I love my family from here to Canada.


I am thankful for breakfast.


I am thankful for animals.

My family is good at loving.


My family is good at sleeping.


front cover of book


My family likes to read.


I am thankful for sharing.


My family likes to snuggle.


I always love their artwork.  If you want to try this activity with your class or need other resources for the month of November, check out my thanksgiving pack for more…

thanksgiving title

Word Family Work {en and et}

workwork en and et


Just finished in time for Monday!  We’ll be working with short e words, writing, sorting, drawing, rhyming, segmenting, and blending… all that good stuff we do in kindergarten.  There are over 20 pages of word work in the set.  Click on the images to visit my TpT site!

Happy Teaching!


word work en and et samples

Thanksgiving {New and Improved}

thanksgiving titleOver 90 pages of learning and fun for your class.

Explore with corn, learn about the first Thanksgiving, create a book for your families, and use the templates for meaningful writing activities.  There are science, social studies, math, and writing activities for your students!  Everything you need for the month of November.

Please enjoy and happy teaching!

Student Led Conferences {New and Improved!}

student led conferences 2

New and Improved!

Aligned with Common Core

Numbers, counting, place value, adding, subtracting, more and less,  letters, sounds, rhyme, segmenting, blending, syllables, sight words, handwriting, writing, calendar, reading, comprehension, and more!

Students and parents love the process of student led conferences.  Parents see the skills their children have mastered and those skills to continue working on as their child takes them through each station.

It is a great way to show parents the skills we work on in kindergarten and ways to practice with their child at home.

Parents and children enjoy being part of the process!


Earthworms and Red Worms {Animals 2×2}

Use these printables and graphic organizers to help your student document their observations and experiments as you study worms. Label, draw, compare, describe, observe, and experiment with these easy to use templates. They will help to organize your unit and … Continue reading