Kindergarten Math Journals: Numbers to 10

Give your students extra practice in their math journals with these practice pages. Students practice writing numbers and number words, show the value of each number to 10 with pictures, ten frames, fingers, and number lines, as well as sequence … Continue reading

Kindergarten Math Journals: Compose and Decompose Numbers to 10

Give your students extra practice with composing and decomposing numbers to 10 using these practice pages in your student math journals. The practice pages are scaffolded, so that all students can participate successfully. Click on the image below for more … Continue reading

Math Journals: Compose Numbers 11 to 20

Give your students extra practice composing and decomposing numbers 11 to 20 with these practice pages for student journals. Students compose and decompose numbers 11 to 20 using ten frames, base ten blocks, number sentences, tally marks, and place value. … Continue reading

Number Poems

In kindergarten we use number poems to help us with number formation. We have so many reversals right now, difficulty with where to start our lines, and especially with curved lines. I created these number poem mats and mini-book to … Continue reading

Number Bonds: Kindergarten Math Journals

Give your students extra practice with number bonds using these practice pages. Number bonds teach students how numbers work.  They illustrate how a whole can be broken into parts and parts can be combined to create the whole.  Number bonds … Continue reading

Number Poems




Teach proper number formation with these number poems and practice pages.

The large numbers allow your students to practice number formation with big strokes.

You can use each page for rainbow writing, display, or even use the pages for tactile experiences by having students use the pages for number collages or by gluing sand or seeds inside each number.

We are currently working on numbers 1 to 5 in kindergarten!  It has been especially hard to make the numbers 2 and 5.  We have many, many reversals and difficulty with the curve of the these numbers in particular.  We are using these math practice pages in conjunction with the above poems to practice, practice, practice!



numbers 1-10 title page

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mroe common core title page

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100 Days

  Saw this adorable idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

We used butcher paper for the capes (instead of the plastic table clothes),  cut construction paper for the zeros, used bingo markers to make the dots, and a co-teacher had the glasses template. We are going to be Super Heros in honor of Zero the Hero!  I’m going to try pinning the capes on instead of using string to tie them on. 

The kids are so excited! After working on these today, they can’t wait for the 100th day!

For more ideas check out this pack on teachers pay teachers!

Chicka, Chicka: Alphabet, Numbers, and Coconut Science!

We love using Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom! to integrate our beginning of the year learning as we are focused on letters and sounds, numbers and counting, and our 5 senses.  Our students LOVE the rhythm and rhyme of the story and … Continue reading

More Common Core: Understanding Teen Numbers

Common core takes number practice beyond counting and identification because it allows our students to understand the value of each number, how it is made, and represented by numbers.  Ten frames and base ten blocks are an important component of the process … Continue reading

Celebrate 100 Days of School!

100 days is so important to our little ones.  We count and count each day, adding ones and grouping tens, anticipating important events as the days pass, one by one.  They are developing their understanding of numbers and what they mean along the way.  100 is an exciting milestone for our students.

Over the years, I’ve collected ideas and activities to help me make this day special, but also focused on learning.  In this packet, I’ve collected a number of ideas, learning stations, math activities, and literacy activities to help me (and you) celebrate the 100th day with our class.

They are easy to use, cute and packed with learning.  Just what the teacher ordered!

100 days100 day preview